Senior Software Engineer

R$ 10.000,00 a R$ 12.000,00 (Bruto mensal). Período Integral Autônomo. Home Office
São Paulo - SP
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  1. Área e especialização profissional: Informática, TI, Telecomunicações - Programador / Desenvolvedor
  2. Nível hierárquico: Gerente
  3. Local de trabalho: São Paulo, SP
  4. Location: Remote - Latin American Candidates
  5. Our Client:
  6. Our client’s systems deal with large amounts of structured data and high volumes of transactional data that ensure our customers can board and manage merchants and the customer payments that they process.
  7. As an engineer with Infinicept, you will play an integral role in creating the foundational architecture of a young software product suite. We work in an entirely .NET stack with a mixture of ASP MVC 5/Core 3 and React JS as the front-end. You will work with software libraries like NServiceBus, Entity Framework, Swagger/Swashbuckle, and others. Their goal is to build highly scalable, distributed systems (transaction processing, data import/mapping, and API integrations) that form the back-end of multi-tenant SaaS products.
  8. Overview of the Role:
  9. We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer who loves working with back-end systems, complex data, and that enjoys the creative challenge of designing the best solution to solve a business problem. Someone who is never satisfied with what is done and is constantly looking for ways to make a system more testable, efficient, reliable, and speedy. A candidate  who believes in the power of small teams, and enjoys a collaborative process where requirements, design, development, QA, and deployment are everyone’s responsibility.
  10.  You’ll be a great match if you:
  11. Enjoy being the “go-to” person when it comes to our core functionality. 
  12. Bring new ideas to the table because you understand that innovation never stops.
  13. Believe in the power of small teams and enjoy a collaborative process.
  14. Proficient with JavaScript and modern frameworks.
  15. Comfortable working in a cloud-based (Azure) environment.
  16. Comfortable with the flexibility required by an early-stage company.
  17. Are at ease with testing software, both in the coding stage (unit tests/TDD) and the functional stage (end-to-end and UI testing).
  18. Willing to learn a complex domain ecosystem
  19. Find excitement in challenging problems, aggressive ship dates, and a fast-growing company.
  20. Enjoy the prospect of making big decisions that will change the shape of our software.
  21. Confident in your software design skills – you should be able to start a feature from scratch and come up with something that is easy to understand, scalable, and performant.
  22. Enjoy brainstorming sessions with your peers, product owners, and clients to identify the best approach to design and build.
  23. Key qualifications and Skills to succeed in this role: 
  24. 5+ years experience writing professional software at a company
  25. Fearless, innovative, self-directed
  26. Broad technical skills, including database design, DevOps, scripting, QA/testing, and API design
  27. Deep expertise in C / .NET Core, SQL Server, and Azure
  28. In return, we offer:
  29. Competitive compensation package
  30. 100% remote - Work from Home
  31. International company with diversity and multicultural inclusion
  32. The ability to work with leading startups and fast growing companies in the USA
  33. About the company:
  34. Workling is a talent acquisition marketplace designed to help companies to hire remote, top-tier talent allowing them to search for the required skills and experienced candidates working in their time zone.
  35. We invite you to find renewed passion in your job, improve your productivity, and benefit from attractive growth opportunities for your career. Apply now!


  1. Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Superior
  2. Inglês (Avançado - Requerido)

8 candidaturas para a vaga

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24/11/2021 18:55 - São Paulo - SP

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  • Jornada Período Integral
  • Tipo de contrato Autônomo
  • Salário R$ 10.000,00 a R$ 12.000,00 (Bruto mensal)
  • Localidade São Paulo, SP
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