Assistente De Professor - Escola Internacional

R$ 4.000,00 a R$ 4.500,00 (Bruto mensal). Período Integral Efetivo – CLT
São Paulo - SP
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  1. Área e especialização profissional: Educação, Ensino, Idiomas - Educação Infantil
  2. Nível hierárquico: Assistente
  3. Local de trabalho: São Paulo, SP
  4. To support pupils’ development and promote independence in a safe, secure, challenging environment employing strategies to recognise and reward achievement of self-reliance;
  5. To support the learning of individuals and groups of pupils as identified in the weekly curriculum planning and to act as a role model, setting high expectations;
  6. To focus on individual pupils to ensure their needs are being met within the group;
  7. To work with other staff to develop and implement the IEPs for pupils;
  8. To encourage pupils to interact and work cooperatively with others;
  9. To observe, record and support the development and progress of pupils to identify individual needs and difficulties and to feedback to pupils in relation to their progress and achievement;
  10. To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom;
  11. To participate in pupils' play and extend and stimulate language through conversation.
  12. To assist teachers with the daily/weekly programme of lessons, activities and events in order to support pupils and adjust lessons/work plans as appropriate;
  13. Occasional supervision of the class in the course of short term absences of teachers focusing on maintaining good order and to keep pupils on task under the guidance of teaching staff and within an agreed system of supervision;
  14. To liaise with other professionals to ensure an appropriate learning environment;
  15. To set out, prepare, use and tidy equipment;
  16. To listen, support and discuss issues sensitively with parents and carers under the teacher’s supervision and to participate in feedback sessions/meetings with parents;
  17. To monitor and evaluate pupil’s responses to learning activities through observation and planned recording of achievement against pre-determined learning objectives;
  18. To provide objective and accurate feedback and reports as required to the teacher on pupil achievement progress and other matters ensuring the availability of appropriate evidence;
  19. To be responsible for keeping and updating records as agreed with the teacher, contributing to reviews of systems/records as required;
  20. In class, to undertake marking of pupils work as agreed with the teacher and accurately record achievement/progress;
  21. To translate written and spoken conversation when appropriate;
  22. To administer and assess routine tests and assist in the invigilation of exams/tests as agreed with the teacher;
  23. To provide general clerical support, e.g. displays, administer coursework, produce worksheets for agreed activities, photocopying, filing, receiving and passing money to the school office etc.;
  24. To work with an established discipline policy to anticipate and manage behaviour constructively, promoting self-control and independence.
  25. To prepare and manage specific activities/teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to pupils’ responses/needs as planned by the teacher;
  26. To set out and prepare equipment indoors and outdoors;
  27. To help pupils access learning activities through specialist support.


  1. Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Superior
  2. Português (Nativo - Requerido), Inglês (Avançado - Requerido)

Habilidades Desejadas

  • Inglês Fluente

Benefícios adicionais

  1. Assistência médica, Cesta básica, Participação nos lucros, Refeição no local, Seguro de Vida, Vale-transporte
Mais de 50 candidaturas para a vaga

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  • Título da vaga Assistente De Professor - Escola Internacional
  • Empresa
    Empresa com nome confidencial
  • Jornada Período Integral
  • Tipo de contrato Efetivo – CLT
  • Salário R$ 4.000,00 a R$ 4.500,00 (Bruto mensal)
  • Localidade São Paulo, SP
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