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Home Office
5 jul

ACTIVITIES: Respond promptly to video and audio interpretation sessions, conducting in a friendly and professional manner; Provide correct concepts and meanings according to established interpretation standards, avoiding omissions or additions; Speak clearly in both languages, always using proper pronunciation, titles and polite expressions; Maintain calm and professional demeanor during video and audio roleplaying sessions at all times; Act with impartiality and discernment during the interpretation sessions, being these from any segment and situation, without demonstrating any judgments or prejudices; Follow customer instructions, in accordance with established standards and their terminology, to ensure expectations are met. SCALE: 6x1 - alternate days off on weekends (6h20/day) WORK SCHEDULE: Availability (24 hours) - worldwide attendance SALARY: To be defined WORKPLACE: At home! ? REQUIREMENTS High school complete; Minimum age 18 years; Fluent English; Fluent Chinese; Desirable experience in areas related to the English and Chinese language, such as teaching, language assessment, translation or interpretation; Have a quiet, distraction-free place to work at home; Internet with a minimum download speed of 15 Mbps and 3 Mbps upload (verified through the speed test); Internet service must be wired (cable or fiber), satellite internet is not allowed.

Número de vagas: 1

Tipo de contrato e Jornada: Efetivo – CLT - Parcial tardes

Área Profissional: Operacional em Telemarketing - Backoffice

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  • Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Médio (2º Grau)
  • Chinês (Avançado), Inglês (Avançado)
  • Assistência médica
  • Assistência odontológica
  • Auxílio creche
  • Participação nos lucros
  • Seguro de Vida
  • Vale-alimentação
  • Vale-refeição
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