Frontend Solution Architect

R$ 14.000,00 a R$ 17.000,00 (Bruto mensal). Período Integral Efetivo – CLT
Todo Brasil
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  1. Área e especialização profissional: Informática, TI, Telecomunicações - Arquitetura de Soluções
  2. Nível hierárquico: Especialista
  3. Local de trabalho: Todo Brasil
  4. Be part of the RFI\RFP response team for delivering estimates for new projects
  5. Analyze customer functional and technical requirements and propose the most suitable front end strategy for frameworks and tools to be used
  6. Supervise and participate in the development of the Technical Specification Documentation for the front end components
  7. Owns the TSD for the front end components
  8. Create Proof of Concepts\Prototypes for exemplifying the implementation for the front end team
  9. Define and own the adoption process for project best practices for the front end development components
  10. Assure that the technical solutions proposed are in alignment for delivering a high performance for the application
  11. Work closely with the Front End Team Leader\Lead Developer for making sure the technical guidelines and best practices are applied
  12. Participate in the code review sessions during development to make sure that the technical guidelines and best practices are applied
  13. Be up to date with the latest front end related technologies and share the findings with the groups interested
  14. Provide guidance and consultancy to customers in order to define functional requirements which are feasible from an implementation point of view
  15. Coach\Mentor potential candidates for Senior Developer\Lead Developer and Front End Solution Architect positions
  16. Raise any concerns\red flags to the PM's of the projects where best practices or technical guidance is not respected
  17. Drive and closely watch development teams when complex solutions have to be implemented
  18. Revise estimates delivered by project teams both from a cost and technical approach perspective
  19. Participate in the periodical assessments of the team members for which code review is performed and not only
  20. Requirements:
  21. Expert knowledge in HTML\CSS
  22. Very good knowledge of Vanilla JavaScript
  23. Good knowledge of Utility Libraries (for example: jQuery, Underscore.js) and Frameworks(for example: ReactJS, VueJS)
  24. Experience in providing technical solutions to complex functionalities on at least 3-4 projects
  25. Good understanding of the server side architecture and logic
  26. Good understanding of OOP principles
  27. Previous experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform is considered a must
  28. Good knowledge of at least one architectural pattern(for example: MVC, MVV)
  29. Strong knowledge in designing high performance, high maintainability web apps
  30. Advanced Spanish and Portuguese are considered a plus
  31. Trabalho 100% remoto mesmo após pandemia. Assistência Médica e Odontológica para funcionário e dependente sem desconto em folha.
  32. Benefícios:
  33. -. Assistência médica
  34. -. Assistência odontológica
  35. -. Vale-refeição
  36. -. Programa de Certificação
  37. -. Bônus Educação


  1. Escolaridade Mínima: Ensino Superior
  2. Inglês (Intermediário)

Mais de 50 candidaturas para a vaga

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  • Jornada Período Integral
  • Tipo de contrato Efetivo – CLT
  • Salário R$ 14.000,00 a R$ 17.000,00 (Bruto mensal)
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